small animla surgeon

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Einleitung / Über mich

my name DR. somia Ibrahim ,iam graduated from Alexandria university Egypt, I have been worked in during my studying in well established small animals clinics so I have a good experience in physical examinations and away of diagnosis and differential diagnosis in addition to that I have worked in well established pharmaceutical companies so I have a good experience about pharmacology and pharmaceutical active principles that help me to apply it in my protocol of treatment as well as a lot of information about the management and how to communicate with the iam asking for opportunity to learn more as internship or partnership for getting extra experience and become a good surgeon especially in now days iam studying a master in veterinary surgery at Ataturk university in turkey .so I well be very grateful if I have like this chance especially in Estonia or any European countries .

Berufserfahrung / Ausbildung

worked in Sanofi company as a medical representative in 2018 worked in Rameda pharmaceutical company as a medical representative in antibiotics line and covid 19 protocol treatment till 2020 worked as veterinarian in a well established veterinary clinics in Egypt in 2014 till 2017 worked as pharmacist assistant in abo zayada groups in 2013


I have some courses in veterinary medicine like physical examination and some courses in food science and technology from well established institutions like grand quality and well educated university like AUC university, during my whole studied in Alexandria faculty i attended a lot of scientific conference that was be helded in the Alexandria university as researcher

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please if there any job offer or internship or partnership don't hesitate to contact me in