Dairy farm veterinarian

18011 Istanbul, Türkei

Einleitung / Über mich

Hi, this is Ihab Kamal, young Sudanese veterinarian who’s currently living and working in the United Arab Emirates, where I am managing the herd health in Al dahra dairy company with 1500 milking cows. I have over 10 experience in dairy farming, and I am looking for sponsorship for Germany.

Berufserfahrung / Ausbildung

In my position as a dairy veterinarian, I had the privilege to work in three dairy farms between Sudan & UAE. I have got a wide range of skills in health and reproduction. In addition to that, I am well experienced in using Ultrasonography for reproductive and non reproductive use. I use my own ultrasound machine “ Mindray DP 50 vet” .


I am currently registered for a master degree student in Zagazig university- Egypt, where I pursue the field of diagnostic ultrasonography in Holstein Friesian cows.

Notizen / Anmerkungen

As a veterinarian I had the privilege to be invited by Professor. Alexander Starke from university of Leipzig- Saxony - Germany, but till now I didn’t succeed in to getting the Visa. However, I am studying German language right now for the second month, thus my German isn’t good enough for the time being, but what I am asking for is just a work permit for any cattle practice or clinic over there to learn the language and sit for the exam later. Accordingly your hep is highly appreciated.