Working as qualified vet over two veterinarian practies of companion animals. I am a horses lover but never had the chance to work with.

95126 catania, Italien

Einleitung / Über mich

I am Vincenzo, a 27 years old vet, working as qualified vet over two veterinarian practies in my own town Catania Italy. I'd love to have a work experience abroad getting to know colleagues from all over the world ,learning new skills and growing from a professional point of view.

Berufserfahrung / Ausbildung

After graduating from high school in Catania Sicily Italy , I had the great opportunity to attend some english courses in England Cambridge for several months. Then I decided to attend the University of Veterinary Medicine of Timisoara Romania, This university experience has been the most important and pleasant experience of my life, learning how to be an adult abroad, having colleagues from different countries, learning from those the different colours of the world. I wrote my doctoral thesis in Food Safety and Inspection performing a practical work. I am currently working in my own town as a vet.


Thanks to my experience and private contacts abroad, I speak fluent English and Romanian