Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Histology, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Islamia University, Bahawalpur, Pakistan

12345 Frankfurt, Deutschland

Einleitung / Über mich

Expertise in Teaching Human/ Veterinary Anatomy. Proficient knowledge/ knack of Veterinary Medicines. More confident in handling Camel, Kettles and Horses. Also manages administration, lab researches and limited field tasks.

Berufserfahrung / Ausbildung

12 years experience in Teaching, Laboratory Works and Research in the field of Veterinary Sciences (Histology is my main subject)


Doctorate of Veterinary Medicines - Year 2004 Master of Science (Honors) in Animal/Veterinary Histology - Year 2007 PhD in Animal/Veterinary Histology - Year 2020

Notizen / Anmerkungen

Have a strong skill of Tissue preparation technique and teaching histology. Ability to work with using own initiative or within a team environment. Capable of decision making and staying calm under pressure. Flexibility and willingness to continuously improve. Sound interpersonal skills.