Biologist/ vet assistant

2088 Neuchâtel, Schweiz

Einleitung / Über mich

My name is Virginia, I'm a 29 years old biologist passionate about animals, wildlife, nature and travel. Since I finish my degree, I've studied two master degree and several courses to continue expanding my professional skills, while I've been working in different position, and volunteering in the jobs I would always dream to be part of. I'm an active person, with a lot of energy for explorer, learn and improve. Even if describe yourself in a piece of paper is always difficult, my experiences shows how much I would love to use my professional skills to work in a field where I can help to make the world a place a bit more comfortable for animals and human beings, to live in accordance with conservation and respectful values. In the last few years, after the pandemic, I've been working mostly with stray animals in shelters or refugees to improve the situation and welfare of abandoned animals, which has a directly connection with the restoration of the wildlife. That's why I think I can afford several points of view, and connect them in a beneficiary way to deal with both, domestic and wild animals to guarantee the welfare of the species and animals who love close to humana areas or related to, which unfortunately, include wildlife animals. I have skills in communication, good energy for work and many ideas that I can implement in new occasion. Because one of my favourite work is reach the goal to get different ways to make things works better. I can't explain myself property through a motivation letter, but I can show you my skills in an interview if needed. Work in your project will be a nice opportunity for me to develop my career and grow up in many aspects of my life. Thank you so much for your attention. King regards, Virginia Carballo Fernández

Berufserfahrung / Ausbildung

Biology degree Master in biodiversity and conservation biology Master in sexual health Technical veterinary


Communication skills, proactive, team work, learning skills. Adaptability.