Young professional

30173 Hannover, Deutschland

Introduction / About me

I started studying veterinary medicine at Ankara University as a result of the decisions I made because the chemistry department I studied for a few years before my veterinary adventure did not match my character and my future plans. This year, in summer 2021 I will have my veterinary medicine diploma. The idea of reaching competence that can contribute to animal health excites me. Since my childhood, my dream of being close to nature and close to animals has led me to this profession, so I am very eager to pursue my plans. I am especially interested in horses and wild animals. Generally, among the topics I like to research are neurology, neurosurgery, gene therapies and hereditary diseases. Most important things in my life is my radial paralyzed cat and a lot of dreams for the future. To add, I have high proficiency in English and I'm learning German.

Professional Experience / Education

Internship in summer 2018: I mostly involved in examining and treating cat patients in a cat related clinic. I had experience about medical and surgical treatments of the patiences. Also, microscopic evaluation and disinfection-sterilization protocols were the other areas I practised.


-I have a curious and cheerful temperament who loves to explore. -I can easily communicate with people and I like to share ideas on various topics. -I'm interested in drawing, photography and graphic design. I like practising some programs such as Adobe Photoshop. -I have a somewhat perfectionist personality. -I like to observe everything in detail. I may get very determined about the topics that I think important.

Notes / Comments

For now, I am looking for job opportunities in Germany in general. I believe I can develop my skills and experience in certain areas better with professionals outside my home country.