Pferdetierarzt/ärztin (m/w/d)- Equine veterinarian

Număr ofertă loc de muncă

26160 Oldenburg, Deutschland

Despre noi

We are specialised on companion animal and horses and work with 5 vets.
Most of the horses are treated at there stable, some come to us.
We offer our clients as much as possible at there home.
We do much more than just some vacination!; operations, teeth, endoskopy, gynecology, X-ray,...
To get the diagnoses we have all the equipment in our horse-van. We even carry a examination stand at the side of the car!

Descrierea postului oferit

You will manly work with horses between Oldenburg/Bremen and Groningen.
You will work 30- 40 hour / week.
You will work in the team and on your own.
we will pay more than anny of the surrounding clinic.


You shoud mave some experience with horses.


A nice Job between friendly People and many horses.